We want to have a workplace where people respect each other.
We provide great working environment where you can make use of your experience, skill and ability.
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  • 2021.03.01
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We want to create an attractive organization that "awesome people gather" who have been active in the front lines of each field and look for anyone who with "Compassion" · "Social Perspective" · "Challenge Spirit" · "high aspirations".

First of all, "compassion (respect)" is a posture that respects each thought and dreams of each employee, and strives to create business by working hard while making the most of each other's individuality.

And "social perspective" means having not only the company's perspective but also the perspective of capturing what society needs beyond the framework of the company, they are required to actually shape what is required.

Then, "Challenge spirit" means not to think that existing industries and societies are normal, to have the courage to try to change the themes with a critical viewpoint and to challenge the originally required social structure.

Finally, in the "high aspiration", we look for anyone who always have a high goal and who have an intention to accomplish a big business like changing the way of society.

Therefore, we want to make it a place where people needed by society gather.

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