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We create a system in which all hardworkers are recognized.

There are 1.7 billion people worldwide who are denied of access to financial opportunities such as loans and leases and are unable to purchase mobility despite their desire to make a living through the use of mobility.
We work to solve this social problem by creating a system in which hardworkers are given the opportunity to work and will be correctly evaluated for it.

GMS's services are to achieve 7 of all 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the UN.


By installing an IoT device capable of controlling various mobility along with our platform to manage the system, we build up the credit of those who were denied through loan assesments (mainly drivers) and create financial opportunities.
GMS confronts the challenge of "poverty," and produces economic rationality in the process of solving the social problem.

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For those in need of cars for work

We provide a revolutionary service for those who wish to start a job through the use of vehicles.

We offer auto loans in a new style, which not only makes it possible for us to provide loan services to those who did not have access to conventional loans, but also enables various customers to gain an opportunity to increase their income.

※Our service is offered to those who require the use of cars for logistics work or commuting, but are unable to gain access to conventional auto loans.

※Our service is not available to those whose main use of cars is for leisure activities.


10 or more companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange have expected highly of our business and invested in GMS.

Major shareholders



GMS has formed a partnership with the City of Mandaue, Province of Cebu, to further accelerate its provision of FinTech services for financial inclusion in the Philippines. It will be the first time for GMS to form a partnership in Cebu, among the 12 bases it has set up across the Philippines.


GMS's business model of “FinTech Service – Saving the World's Poor” was recognized as an especially "Good Design" out of a total of 4,772 applications, and received a special award, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award.


 GMS was highly recognized for its growth and contribution to soving social issues with its unique FinTech services utilizing IoT Technology, raising our rank to the six place, from last year.


We work to create a workplace filled with people who respect one another.

Why don't you broaden your experience, skill and ability by challenging on the world stage with us?