Create the world we can offer vehicles to people who are unable to utilize the vehicle.
GMS's solution enriches people's lives.

Business Model

Even customers who, in the past, were unable to secure loans due to barriers caused by the traditional credit screening process can secure loans.
Connect financial institutions, automobile dealers and customers and solve each problem.

It is estimated that around 1.9 million people per annum in Japan are unable to pass the traditional credit screening. To solve problems such as lack of carriers of last one mile, it would be essential to create a system to support people who engage through mobility.

We are creating the system that recognize anyone who works earnestly through using the mobility.

Service Flow

The next generation of auto loan service utilizing the "FinTech x IoT" can provide the auto loan for the people who couldn't pass the conventional loan credit administration.

Conventional auto finance service

Auto finance service with GMS

Stop the vehicle in specified location with remote control if monthly loan premium is not paid.

And restore the vehicle once the payment is made.

Case study

Dear Finance Companies:

GMS provides financing options to customers who, in the past, were unable to secure loans due to barriers caused by the traditional credit screening process.

Dear Automobile Dealers:

By partnering with financial institutions and leveraging our financial technology (FinTech), we enabled dealers to sell cars to customer who were unable to pass the credit screenings process used by traditional financial institutions. Partnering with GMS will open new sales channels for you.

Dear Companies in Developing/Emerging Countries:

GMS is currently making tremendous efforts in emerging countries like the Philippines, which are known as the 'Next Eleven', and by adapting to the needs of customers in Cambodia. In other countries, we are also developing the market by partnering with businesses to leverage our knowledge of local cultural and business practices by making use of our platform.
By pooling our knowledge and global intelligence, we are able to bring an innovative business model to the market.

Dear Mobility Data Service Providers:

Our MSPF platform is designed to collect and analyze mobility data from vehicles equipped with MCSS in numerous countries. GMS is currently offering OpenAPI to companies who would like to make use of Big Data coming from mobility vehicles to develop applications and services.


Advanced technology
to realize services

We are cooperating with the stake holders by each country to build the service in each country. We are working on the social building which creates the new value in the enterprise by collaborating beyond the boundaries of the industry such as finance, automobile, infrastructure and administrative agency.