Through our business model which brings about economic rationality in solving social issues, we support those willing to work hard through the use of mobility.

In the emerging ASEAN countries, unlike Japan, it has been necessary to carefully review loans and leases due to the fact that there has been no institution in charge of providing individual credit information.

Due to this background, many categorized as the poor and low-income families are unable to purchase new vehicles. The only way for them to own vehicles is to purchase cheap old units which cause problems of loud noise and heavy exhaust emissions.

Such cases can be seen in many emerging countries, and it has been kept far from reaching a fundamental solution.

Amidst this situation, GMS has succeeded in creating a business model which focuses both on economic rationality and "sustainability" in the true sense. Our local subsidiary in the Philippines has chalked up steady achievements since it took off as our primary business. We plan to extend our reach in Asia, including Japan, and actively expand our business parternering with financial institutions.

The Existing Social Issue

Number of people who are declined through
credit investigations and are unable to purchase vehicles:

There are 1.7 billion people in the world who are in need of cars to make a living, but are unable to access loans to gain job opportunities.

From the perspective of financial inclusion, we work to create opportunities for those motivated workers, first by providing finance towards one hundred million people by 2030.

Percentage of those who are denied for auto-loans


  • Population 105,341,062
  • Economic growth rate 6.67%
  • Average age 24 years old


  • Population 16,323,953
  • Economic growth rate 6.9%
  • Average age 24 years old


  • Population 266,357,297
  • Economic growth rate 5.3%
  • Average age 28 years old


  • Population 96,356,744
  • Economic growth rate 6.6%
  • Average age 30 years old


  • Population 68,415,739
  • Economic growth rate 3.87%
  • Average age 38 years old


  • Population 1,358,137,719
  • Economic growth rate 7.36%
  • Average age 27 years old

Our Business Model

Our FinTech Service


Remote operation of any mobility is made possible with MCCS, our IoT device capable of installation on various vehicles/machinary.

MSPF (FinTech)

Our platform allows real-time monitoring of vehicles, as well as linking with financial institutions through Open API.

Business Development Skills

We analyze the local needs of each country and cooperate with different companies/administrations to realize smooth operation.

Our Business Scheme

Through the linkage we create between financial institutions, dealers, and contractors, GMS's FinTech services realize a system in which those who have been declined in credit investigations can gain access to loans.

Comparison with Conventional Services

FinTech service with GMS

Stop the vehicle in specified location with remote control if monthly loan premium is not paid.

And restore the vehicle once the payment is made.

Conventional auto finance service

Our Problem Solving Skills

We provide "win-win" values for multiple actors

Loan/Lease Contractors

will be able to buy cars they could not have bought in the past

Enriched lives

Financial institutions

can minimize default risks

Increased loan provision


will be able to sell cars they could not have sold

Increased sales quantity


can improve income and increase employment opportunities

Reduced Social Disparities

Ceremony Towards a Successful Future

We celebrate the daily effort of drivers and the families of those who have finished their payment. By using our service, they have succesfully opened up their gateway to increased job opportunities and better income.
Our service does not conclude here. We support them to realize an even brighter future, by offering housing loans and education loans for their children.

Our Partners

We cooperate with our stakeholders of each country to build up and improve each business. Through our pursuit for innovation beyond industries, we work to create a society full of new values and perspectives for companies and groups including those engaged in finance, automobile, infrastructure, as well as administrations.

For Financial Institutions

GMS provides financing options to customers who, in the past, were unable to secure loans due to barriers caused by the traditional credit screening process.

For Automobile Dealers

By partnering with financial institutions and leveraging our financial technology (FinTech), we enable dealers to sell cars to customers who were unable to pass the credit screening process adopted by traditional financial institutions. Partnering with GMS will open new sales channels for you.

For Companies in Developing/Emerging Countries

GMS is currently making tremendous efforts in the Philippines, Cambodia, and other emerging countries known as the 'Next Eleven', by adapting to the needs of local customers. We are continuously developing the market by partnering with businesses based on our knowledge of local, cultural, and business practices by making use of our platform.
By pooling our knowledge and global intelligence, we are able to bring an innovative business model to the market.

For Mobility Data Service Providers

Our MSPF platform is designed to collect and analyze mobility data from vehicles equipped with MCCS in numerous countries. GMS is currently offering OpenAPI to companies that wish to make use of our Big Data collected from mobility vehicles to develop applications and services.

Our Business Partners in the Philippines

We cooperate with the stakeholders of each country to develop each business. Through our pursuit for innovation beyond industries, we work to create a society full of new values and perspectives for companies and groups including those engaged in finance, automobile, infrastructure, as well as administrations.

  • Local government (market)

  • Service infrastructure

  • Finance

  • Consigned by the Japanese government

  • Automatic Payment