An IoT platform that creates value for various stakeholders by analyzing and visualizing mobility data from around the world.

About MSPF

Building an innovative auto loan service with our advanced platform

GMS's Moblility Service Platform (MSPF) can process data transmitted from IoT Devices at high speed and in large quantities.

With its higly functional platform, we have realized an innovative auto loan service that supports a large number of drivers in Japan and ASEAN countries.

MSPF can be used to integrate data with financial institutions, payment systems, and FinTech services in a variety of ways. By using MSPF, partners will be able to expand the possibilities of their services and, in turn, enrich the lives of their customers.

MSPF makes it possible to control and manage a wide variety of mobility vehicles regardless of their type, accumulating, analyzing, and visualizing mobility data.

By linking data with financial institutions, payment systems, and other FinTech services, MSPF creates value for a wide range of stakeholders and enables the creation of new services that have not been available until now.

Advanced Features

User friendly Open API

We provide our partners with an API (Application Programming Interface) in order to utilize services that work with MSPF and Big Data.

Data is fragmented and stored in real time, allowing each partner to link the data they need. Data can be accessed at any time and place.

Global support system

We have engineers located around the world including in our Tokyo head office.

If problems arise, local engineers can respond immediately thanks to our global support system.

Safe operation

MSPF is constantly working on security measures to prevent vulnerabilities, leakage or inappropriate use of the system. (Patented)

We have acquired ISO 27001 certification for our information security management system and are working to ensure safety. In terms of stability, we are able to connect and manage tens of thousands of units without difficulty.