Personal Information Protection Policy

With Mobility IoT business as our core, Global Mobility Service Inc. (“GMS” or “we”) serves you to cater to your needs.

In order that you will feel safe and secure when using our products and services, GMS believes that proper protection of your personal information constitutes an important social duty that GMS owes, and thus, GMS will make sure that your personal information is protected, managed, handled and used in accordance with the policy set out below:

  • 1.Compliance with Laws, Ordinances and Regulations

    GMS will keep ourselves updated with, and comply with, the latest version of all the laws, ordinances, government guidelines and other regulations relating to the handling of personal information.

  • 2.Ensuring Proper Information Management

    GMS will have a person in charge of managing personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent and correct unauthorized use, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information. In addition, GMS will educate and train all GMS employees, including full-time officers and employees, part-time employees and temporary workers, in handing personal information so as to ensure proper management of personal information.

  • 3.Obtaining Information, Purpose and Scope

    GMS will specify for what purpose GMS will use personal information before starting to use that personal information. When GMS is going to obtain personal information from an individual, GMS will inform that individual of the purpose of use so specified, or instead make a prior public announcement of the purpose on GMS website. In obtaining personal information, GMS will use legitimate and fair means and will never use any unauthorized method.

  • 4.Restriction on Use and Management

    GMS will use personal information GMS has obtained within the scope of the purpose of using that personal information GMS has specified. If GMS uses personal information that GMS has already obtained for any purpose other than the purpose GMS has specified, GMS will obtain prior consent from the individual who GMS has obtained that personal information from, or instead publicly announce that purpose on GMS website before using that personal information.

  • 5.Supervision of Contractors

    If GMS engages a third-party contractor to provide a service to GMS and entrusts the third-party contractor with personal information that GMS has obtained, GMS will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the third-party contractor.

  • 6.Matters Relating to Security Control Action

    GMS will take any action for the security control of personal data that is necessary and appropriate for managing the personal data, including preventing the leakage, loss and damage of the personal data. In addition, GMS will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over any of GMS’s employees and contractors who handle personal data, including subcontractors. GMS has set out our security control action for personal data in GMS’s Rules of Handling Personal Information, which is summarized as follows:

    (Establishment of Personal Information Protection Policy)

    In order to ensure proper handling of personal data, GMS has established this Personal Information Protection Policy which stipulates “compliance with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations,” “customer hotline to accept inquiries and complaints” and other related matters.

    (Exercise of Discipline Regarding Handling Personal Data)

    GMS’s Rules of Handling Personal Information stipulate how to handle personal data, who takes charge of and who works on handling personal data and the duties they should perform, and other related matters separately for each phase of handling personal data, including obtaining, using, storing, providing, deleting, and disposing of personal data.

    (Organizational Security Control Action)

    GMS has a person who takes charge of clerical work related to handling of personal data. In addition, GMS has defined which employee is authorized to handle personal data and the scope of personal data those employees are authorized to handle. Further, GMS has established a system for notification and reporting to that person who takes charge of clerical work related to handling of personal data in case of actual or possible violation of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or GMS’s Rules of Handling Personal Information.

    In addition to relevant employees’ self-inspection of handling personal data on a regular basis, other employees from other departments or inspectors outside GMS inspect how personal data is handled by those employees.

    (Human Security Control Action)

    GMS regularly provides our employees with a training session on what they should keep in mind when handing personal data.

    GMS’s Rules of Employment stipulate matters regarding confidentiality of personal data.

    (Physical Security Control Action)

    GMS has defined the area where employees are allowed to handle personal data and restricts the type of devices employees are allowed to bring into that area. Further, GMS has introduced measures to prevent unauthorized employees from accessing personal data.

    GMS takes measures to prevent theft, loss or other accidents of devices, electronic media, documents and other items in which personal data is handled. GMS also takes measures to prevent personal data from being readily identified when those devices, media and other items are carried around, including movement within GMS’s office.

    (Technical Security Control Action)

    GMS has implemented access control, thereby limiting authorized employees and the scope of the personal information database and other data they have access to.

    GMS has introduced a framework that protects our information systems that handle personal data from unauthorized external access or software.

  • 7.Continuous Improvement in Personal Information Protection Management System

    GMS reviews on a regular basis, and strives to improve, our personal information protection management system.

  • 8.Personal Data Breach Hotline

    GMS has installed a personal data breach hotline to respond to inquiries and complaints from customers regarding their personal information in an appropriate, good-faith and quick manner.

    GMS is ready to accept from customers whose personal information is disclosed their requests for confirmation, disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion of their personal information and other similar requests, as well as a request for discontinuation to provide their personal data to third parties, and to reasonably respond to those requests.

Established on May 30, 2017

Revised on March 16, 2022

Tokushi Nakashima, President/CEO
Global Mobility Service Inc.

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