We help realize a sustainable and decent society by utilizing our technology with our business partners

We are creating the system that recognize anyone who works earnestly.

With our proprietary technology, Mobility Service Platform (MSPF), state-of-the-art IoT device (MCCS) and market development capabilities, we will enrich people's lives around the world and enable enhanced mobility service to improve the quality of life.

Aiming for an automobile society that should exist a decade future, we are developing our mobility service platform (MSPF), and are utilizing the information sensed from the device.

In recent years, IoT (Internet of goods) has emerged, and the existence of vehicles is rapidly changing worldwide.
The technology of vehicles is progressing with the control technology accompanying the by-wire, and the value and use scenes of vehicles such as automobile driving technology are being newly proposed.
Will not it be possible to realize a revolution that can change the common sense of the automobile society by recognizing the vehicle as "device on the tire" as a new way of being a vehicle?

Toward mobility with society

The past cars have continued to attract people with the value of the car alone, and it was an era when various social infrastructures were developed with cars.

But from now on we believe that the era of "car with society" will come, as connected vehicles such as automatic driving spread in various places.

From the era of cars as cars, as the fusing of cars and IT progresses, we will be able to integrate with the service beyond the value of cars so that we can acquire the value that matches the times.

In order to realize a mobility society that should exist 10 years from now, we would like to create a service model that is needed by society and indispensable for mobility IoT society.

SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

We will solve the SDGs with the power of IoT ´Żą FinTech service that we provide

Among the 17 sustainable development goals to change the world, GMS will achieve nine of them.

Core competence


MCCS (Mobility Cloud Connecting System) is a state-of-the-art IoT device that can collect data on driving conditions and travel information and can also control the engine remotely.


It is a mobility service platform that enables control and management of various IoT devices in various mobilities and enables the creation of new services by visualizing the data of devices.

Market Development

It is a market development that solves environmental problems such as exhaust gas and noise, social problems such as poverty and disparity, and realizes the happiness of people who work earnestly by providing job to the people of BOP layer.