We create a system in which all hard workers are recognized.

"One car is all I need to get a job"
There are currently 1.7 billion people worldwide who are incapable of gaining access to financial services, including loans and leases. Despite their desire to aqcuire mobility-related jobs, they are left helpless in realizing their dream.
GMS creates jobs for those earnest workers by providing loan opportunities through our specially-developed Mobility Service Platform (MSPF), our cutting-edge IoT device (MCCS), and market development skills to reallize a desired future.
We also make further contribution to the society by promoting the shift from old vehicles to new environment-friendly models.

We contribute to 7 of the SDGs
(Sustainable Development Goals)

GMS realizes a truly "sustainable" business model, by creating economic rationality in the process of solving social issues including poverty and air pollution.
In this manner, we will contribute towards achieving 7 of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

To realize the ideal auto-society

In recent years, the world has seen a rapid change in the way of mobility due to advanced technology. As for cars, technology to control including drive-by-wire systems, and automatic driving technology has made significant progress. However, new values and means have been proposed not only in the context of technology, but also regarding one's way of thinking about mobility, such as the change from "ownership" to "utilization".
We believe that it is possible to realize a change that can wipe out what is now regarded as common sense, by seeing mobility as a "matter," rather than merely within the realm of a "good."

Towards an age of mobility premised on society

In the past, cars have always attracted people with their own value, and they have been equipped with various types of social infrastructure. However, we believe that cars with developed technology, including automatic driving will become widespread, and the era of "cars premised on society" will arrive. By integrating cars with various technologies such as IoT, it will be possible to obtain services that go beyond the values of which a car is perceived as having. Moreover, this is not limited to cars, but the same change will arrive for every mobility. In order to realize an ideal society of mobility 10 years from now, we work to create a model of service which is indispensable to society.