Information Security Policy

With Mobility IoT business as our core, Global Mobility Service Inc. (“GMS” or “we”) serves you to cater to your needs. In order to continue to provide you with products and services that satisfy you, GMS is required to protect information assets from accidents, disasters, crimes, and other threats in this advanced information society to meet your and social expectations. To this end, GMS has established our basic information security policy which serves as the guidelines on GMS’s efforts to work on information security.

1.Internal System and Establishment of Information Security Policy

Although GMS has already introduced a management system necessary for maintenance and improvement of information security, GMS has now established GMS’s official internal rules for necessary security measures, in accordance with ISO/IEC27001.

2.Officers’ Duties and Continued Improvement

In compliance with this policy, GMS’s officers will lead the initiative to ensure that GMS’s and your information assets are properly managed.

3.Compliance with Legal and Contractual Requirements

GMS’s employees will comply with laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations concerning the information they use for their business activities and other security-related requirements set out in contracts with our customers.

4.Employees’ Efforts

GMS’s employees will comply with this security policy and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for maintenance and improvement of information security, thereby consolidating the initiative for information security.

5.Response to Breaches and Incidents

GMS have established a system to respond to violations and breaches of information security-related laws, ordinances, rules, regulations and contracts with our customers and data breaches and other information security-related incidents GMS may encounter, to minimize the impact of those violations and breaches.

Established on May 30, 2017
Revised on November 5, 2021

Tokushi Nakashima, President/CEO
Global Mobility Service Inc.