Through our FinTech services, we offer innovative auto loans/leases to those who were unable to access loans due to barriers caused by traditional credit screening processes.

Our innovative auto loan/lease services enable the unbanked who use a vehicle as a means for work to access loans.

By cooperating with our business partners, we will continue to offer services to those who need them.

Comments from our users

When I started my business, I was short on capital and could not afford to buy a vehicle.

I tried to apply for conventional vehicle loans, but my application got rejected. When I found out about GMS, my life changed.

As a single mother, work is essential for me to provide for my children.

When I found a job, I quickly realized I needed a car to get to the office. I contacted several banks without success. GMS allowed me to own a vehicle and be independent finally.

Without a guarantor or credit history, it is nearly impossible to obtain a loan in my country.

Fresh out of college, I got offered a job in the city, far away from my apartment. Without a car, I would not have been able to reach the office in time. GMS provided me with the perfect solution and essentially changed my life.

I was able to take out a loan even at my age.

Although I was considering of buying a car to start working, I was told that I was not able to take out a loan since my age at the time of full payment would be over 70.
However, luckily I found this loan service, and I am now enjoying my days as a logistics driver.

I changed careers at a late stage of my life and decided to become a logistics driver.

Upon considering buying a vehicle for work, I realized I was too old to apply for a loan by conventional standards. When I heard about GMS, I was so happy to find a service that fits my needs and for which I qualify. I am now a proud vehicle owner.

In my current role, my income varies on a monthly basis, and this has created a significant barrier when applying for loans.

As a driver, owning a vehicle makes a big difference in terms of income, and when GMS allowed me to own a vehicle, I was able to improve my family living standard.

How you can own a car through our auto-loan service

It's simple. Please browse through our partner auto dealers and select the vehicle which best suits your needs. Once you have chosen the right vehicle for you, fill in the application form, and once accepted, you will become a vehicle owner.

If you have any enquiries about vehicle models/car dealers, please contact us using the details below:

Phone number: 03-3578-3344
Email address:


Application for auto loan/lease

As a potential driver through our services, you can apply for auto loans/leases at GMS's partnering car dealers.


IoT device installation

Once the IoT device is installed, we hand the vehicle over to the customer at the dealership.


Monthly payment until completion of the loan/lease

Payment is no different than a standard loan/lease.
As long as you don't fall behind on your payments, it is not different from a conventional vehicle.


The vehicle will be yours!

After paying off the loan/lease, you will be the owner of the vehicle.

About the use

We offer auto loans/leases in an innovative way, whereby those who were denied financial access can now access loans while increasing their living standards.