We offer innovative auto loans made possible by FinTech+IoT for customers who, in the past, were unable to secure loans due to barriers caused by the traditional credit screening process.

Our innovative auto loan service enables motivated people to gain access to auto loans and start a job through the use of vehicles.

Through the cooperation with our business partners, we will continue to offer services that correctly evaluate hardworkers.

Comments from our users

Even though I didn't have enough money since I just started my own business, I was able to get my own vehicle.

I wanted to buy a new vehicle to start up a business. But unfortunately, I could not pass the credit screening and was unable to purchase a vehicle. After a while, I found this service which allowed me to buy a vehicle to engage in my new business.

Although all of my applications had been rejected in the past, I was able to gain the opportunity to work through this loan.

I was a full-time housewife. As my son became older, I decided to start a job and applied for a new auto loan, but I couldn't pass the credit screening. If you don't have a vehicle, you cannot go out to work in suburbs. As I was about to give up, your service made it possible for me to utilize an auto loan. I can commute to work everyday now.

I had never took out a loan, but...

After I graduated from school and started working, I needed a car to drive to work. I was denied of all my other loan applications, but your service helped me to purchase a car. Thank you very much.

I was able to take out a loan even at my age.

Although I was considering of buying a car to start working, I was told that I was not able to take out a loan since my age at the time of full payment would be over 70.
However, luckily I found this loan service, and I am now enjoying my days as a logistics driver.

I purchased a car to start a logistics job.

Even if I applied for an auto loan, I was denied due to my unstable income. I was at a loss, but I was able to start working by buying a car through this service. My family has become very pleased with the increase of my income.

I was past due in the past...

I had my mobile phone payment stalled when I was a student. Because of this, no matter how hard I worked, I could not even gain access to a credit card.
I feel very grateful now that I was given another chance to work hard through the use of this loan.
Now that I have this car, I can commute to a remote office everyday.

How you can own a car through our auto-loan service

It is nothing special. Just choose your favorite vehicle at one of our partnering car dealers. You will be accepted of your auto-loan once you fill out the application form. Please pick up your vehicle once you have been accepted.


Application for auto loan

Drivers can apply for auto loans at GMS's partnering car dealers.


Offering vehicles equipped with our IoT device

Once the IoT device is installed, we hand the vehicle over to the customer at the dealership.


Monthly payment until completion of the loan

Payment is no different than an ordinary loan.
If there is a delay in payment, the vehicle will be remotely deactivated.


The vehicle will be yours!

After paying off the loan, you will be the owner of the vehicle.

About the use

We offer auto loans in a new style, which not only makes it possible for us to provide loan services to those who did not have access to conventional loans, but also enables various customers to gain an opportunity to increase their income.