Next generation auto loan which is realized by FinTech+IoT to customers who, in the past, were unable to secure loans due to barriers caused by the traditional credit screening process can secure loans with that.

Our innovative auto loan service makes it possible for the motivated people to begin work by utilizing the vehicle who couldn't pass the conventional loan credit administration in the past.

We keep on offering our service with our business partners that recognize anyone who works earnestly.

User voice

Even though I didn't have enough money since I just started my own business, I was able to get my own vehicle.

I decided to start my own business and wanted to buy a new vehicle for the business. But unfortunately, I couldn't pass the credit screening and couldn't purchase a vehicle the business. After a while, I found this service and it makes me possible to buy a vehicle utilizing this loan, and it makes me possible to start the business safely.

I could get the opportunity to work because I could pass the loan examination, which were declined.

I was a full-time housewife. As my son became bigger, I decided to go out to work and have applied for a new auto loan, but I couldn't pass the credit screening. If you don't have a vehicle, you cannot go out to work in suburbs. So, I was almost to give up, but your service made me possible to pass the new auto loan screening and I can commute every day now.

I have never secured a loan to purchase a vehicle, but...

After I graduated from school and begun to work, I couldn't pass the credit screening and couldn't purchase a vehicle. But by this loan service, I could pass the credit screening and could buy a vehicle which was necessary for me to commute. Thank you very much.

I was able to secure a loan even at the elderly.

I thought that I would like to work by buying a car, but since my age at the time of full payment of loan exceeds 70 years, I was told that I could not secure a loan.
However, I can pass the screening with this loan, and I am working vigorously.

I got a car to start the logistics work.

Even if I applied for auto loan, my income was unstable and I was not accepted and I was at a loss, but I got a new car this time and I was able to start working. And now my income has also increased considerably, so my family is pleased.

I was past due in the past ...

I had my mobile phone payment stalled when I was a student. Now I am trying hard but I could not even get a credit card and I was in trouble.
This time I got the opportunity to secure loan and feel very grateful.
Thanks to this car, I can commute to a remote office everyday.

The service flow of our auto finance

It is nothing special. Please choose your favorite vehicle at the car dealership which cooperates with us. You can pass the credit screening once you fill the application form of the auto loan. After examination passage, please receive the vehicle.


Application for auto loan

Drivers can apply for auto loans at GMS's partner car dealerships.


Offering Vehicles with IoT device

Once the IoT device is installed, we hand the vehicle over to the customer at the dealership.


Monthly payment until the loan's maturity

Payment is also the same as an ordinary loan.
If payments are delayed, the vehicle will be deactivated by remote control.


The vehicle will be yours!

After paying off the loan, you will be the owner of the vehicle.

About the use

This is a "new style auto loan" which makes it possible to enjoy car life for various customers since our service enables people to pass loan examinations, which were declined.