The expanding world of new mobility services

About Business Development

We aim to change the world of mobility finance
for all hard working people.

In highly growing ASEAN countries, unlike Japan, it has been necessary to carefully review loans, leases, etc. because there is no special institution that provides individual credit information.

Because of this, those who could not afford a car, even though they would be able to get a job if they had one, continued to pay high and endless rental fees to vehicle owners in order to work as taxi drivers. This social structure did not allow people to climb out of the poor and low-income class on their own.

GMS has created a system to break through this situation by means of its proprietary IoT-based FinTech services to ensure that hardworking people are properly evaluated, with an aim of building an ecosystem that enriches their lives.

To create the ideal society for each country and region, we are committed to solving social issues through open innovation with other companies and governments while identifying local needs and communicating our philosophy.

Advance Features

New market development

We have pursued what truly society wants, what that people's lives become enriched means , and as a result we developed new markets that are not traditional, and we have accumulated the achievements that we create new opportunities to stakeholders.

Collaboration with local partners

We work closely with each local stakeholder based in the emerging countries in Asia and creates the services that users truly want, not the convenience of service providers.

Powerful business development

As a start-up company that transforms the industry and creates new markets, we do dynamic business development that creates change of the era by ourselves.

Activity beyond the boundaries of the industry

We create a new value by becoming a hub among different industries, which had never been connected, including local large-scale infrastructure companies, governments, financial institutions and automobile-related companies.