Creation of value through our state-of-the-art IoT device

About MCCS

Our proprietary technology
will open the door to a new society of mobility

"MCCS" is a state-of-the-art IoT device that can communicate with various mobility and data.

MCCS not only preforms sensing of the location and information of vehicles but can also remotely control the activation of the engine.

MCCS has two CPU - service CPU and monitoring CPU –, 3G communication module, 24 hours sensing, remote control over vehicles via the actuator, and enhanced security etc. It is also connected without OBD through standard protocol of HTTP.

The data sensed from MCCS can also be visualized to create credit for users.

Advanced Features

Remote engine activation control

MCCS not only gathers data through sensors, but also controls the activation of the engine. We have leveraged FinTech to introduce a revolutionary auto loan service that has never existed before.

Its use is unlimited, such as for our partner services including car sharing, auto leasing, and anti-theft.

Utilization of Big Data

The data sensed by MCCS is stored in the GMS Mobility Service Platform (MSPF), allowing each partner to link the necessary data and to analyze it in real time.

Access to our data is available for our partners through MSPF's API (Application Programming Interface).

MCCS can be installed onto various types of mobility

MCCS devices are widely deployed in Japan and other countries, and is installable onto vehicles with four wheels, three wheels, two wheels as well as construction / farming machinery and personal mobility.

It can be adjusted for different kinds of automobiles in each country and region, so we highly encourage deploying it in global applications.


Will the engine deactivate on a public road?
No. We implement a fail-safe function with sufficient safety consideration. (Patented)
Won't the device be removed?
It has a mechanism in which the device cannot be easily removed. Also, in the case of an unintentional removal of the device,
the engine of the vehicle will be deactivated, and a cloud-based alert will be sent to notify the removal. (Patented)
It is also possible to set up the engine to start upon request by prior agreement.
Is the device certified?
It is certified in each country. Products not certified is prohibited by law.
Is it possible to centrally manage devices at the level of 100,000 units?
Certainly. In addition,our system which not only collects and organizes data but also adds value to them, have been highly recognized from various stakeholders.
Do devices support various communication standards? Is it available for 2G, 3G, 4G?
It supports all communication standards. It is also one of our characteristics that we can handle all communication standards in each country.