Technical Division


Technical Division Message
Technical Division
Platform engineer

When I joined GMS, I was surprised to find out that employees from the business division and the technical division work in the same space.

This has allowed members in different roles to communicate and collaborate on various projects in a more direct and efficient way.

When I speak with the business division, I am able to learn about the impact of our services, and it gives me more motivation to work hard in my role.

In my current role at GMS, I try to not only focus on designs and programs, but also think about the products themselves and how they are used to change people’s lives.

Technical Division

I joined GMS because I wanted to work for a mission-driven company.

As a university student, I was not sure what would be a good career path for me, and I could not quite pinpoint what was right for me.

When I heard about GMS, I realized I wanted to be a part of it, contributing to the provision of work opportunities to those who need it.

I have been working at GMS for a few years now, and my goal remains unchanged, to contribute to a better society.

Technical Division
In charge of vehicle device development

GMS is aiming for leading-edge technologies such as IoT and FinTech to develop new innovative services.

One of the perks of working for GMS is that employees have many opportunities for growth and are able to choose which projects to work on.

Moreover, GMS helps many people on a global scale and each employee is able to see what difference their work makes in the world.

I am inspired by many colleagues on a daily basis, and I continue to learn a lot from them. If you want to change the world while gaining experience in the state-of-the-art technology, GMS is waiting for you!