For Graduates

For everyone who joins us after graduated, we will give you the opportunities to demonstrate the power you have cultivated in each department from the first year and challenge at global stage .

We are looking forward to seeing students with high willingness to create society together.

To create the exciting world

There are a lot of people who are waiting for our mobility service in the world.

In order to challenge it, we'd like to work with excellent colleagues with high ambitions.

There are not too many businesses which tackle international economic problems and environmental issues.

Why not open up yourselves and build your excellent career with GMS?

Aiming for further expansion
of Global Mobility Service

We have completed the demonstration experiment in the Philippines, now we are aiming to further expand business and expand business area.

To that end, we need new employee to achieve further growth in the future.

Why do not you join us to create a new era of mobility together?


Opening job types [Regular position]
Business development (overseas business development), management (HR / GA · Accounting · internal audit · legal · internal system), business planning (IR · PR · business plan)
Advanced technology development, product development, IoT platform development, device development, hardware, software technology, system engineer
[General staff]
General affairs, accounting
Qualification Those who are expected to graduate (have already graduated) from Japanese or overseas university by the end of March 2019
Subjects All faculties/all subjects
Work place Headquarters (Tokyo), Overseas subsidiaries (Philippines, Cambodia), other countries we are planning to develop mainly in ASEAN
* a possibility of transfer to overseas
Salary Bachelor degree: ¥200,000 monthly
Master degree: ¥210,000 monthly
PhD degree: ¥230,000 monthly
Various allowances Additional allowance (overtime allowance, midnight work allowance and holiday work allowance), Housing allowance etc.
Holiday and leave Saturdays and Sundays off (Annual: 121 days off), annual paid leave, special leave for weddings and funerals, maternity leave and childcare leave etc
Working hours From 9am to 6pm (precisely 8 hours)
Flextime for technology department (Core time is from 11am to 4pm * lunch time is from 0pm-4pm)
Bonus Twice a year
Insurance Well supplied with health insurance, welfare pension, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance
Application process Firstly, please join our company information session.
We will give you the information for Entry.

Pre entry

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