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You can be involved in structuring our business.

Our internship is not a workshop or seminar. You can work as a member of GMS.

Therefore, what you will do during the internship depends on the business phase and we would like you to have genuine work experience.

What GMS requires for interns is to actually respect and be respected as a member of a group of GMS and to advance GMS one step further from by yourself.

Why do not you take advantage of your experience so far at GMS?

It's not what you can gain from part-time work.

We would like you to learn how interesting creating business structure is.

And this would be a great opportunity which allows you to challenge yourself before you graduate from school/college/university.

What is a challenging work?

Our internship system is not a work that many students have experienced through part-time jobs, but we ask you to try work that creates a mechanism that is said to be more difficult.

Many students have tried and worked hard in our company.

We have been accepting many ambitious students and continue to welcome such students in short term and long term.

We accept interns any time and the dates are flexible.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about our internship program.

Voice of former interns

Taiga Suzuki
Tokyo University

From the desire to solve the social problems of developing countries through the power of business, I have participated in the internship in Japan and ASEAN countries for one year since the third year grader 's spring vacation.

I learned directly from employees who have been active at the forefront of various areas and acquired various know-how such as marketing / finance / PR / management strategy necessary for launching business through real experience.

At the beginning, I didn't have anything except "I want to improve society", but now I am confident that I can change society by myself through business.

From now on, I will set up my own business to solve various social problems of the world and continue to make efforts to realize my dream just like other employees.

Jin Terada
Hiroshima University of Economics

"I want to change myself" I decided to internship for a year with this whole mind and participated in the internship in the Philippines.

Although I was only failing every day at the beginning, I had support from all of the employees, and finally I grew up to be the manager of the satellite office.

Through various experiences there, I felt how difficult starting up from 0 is and I learned the importance of working with the parties' consciousness.

I felt frustrated since I didn't get accomplishment and I fall down because I couldn't manage well, but I think that all members I met here are truly trustworthy lifelong friends.

I hope to become a "society's leader" who will create a system useful for society making use of the experience gained here.

Mizuho Kanai
Tokyo University

After I left a foreign financial company, I participated in GMS's internship program to have work experience before I study at a master degree program abroad.

I can learn what it means by "transforming society" through business by this two-month internship. I worked on business development despite no experience in such division, and could learn many things.

Keita Danjo
Gifu University

I participated in GMS's internship program in summer and gained experience of working with GMS employees in the Philippines.

There I saw highly skilled colleagues working on structuring society beyond the auto industry.

Impressive was that all GMS employees shared the same vision and mission and made the most of their strengths without hesitation.

This is remarkable experience I've never forgotten.

Mizuki Tsujino
Osaka University

I participated in GMS's internship program held in the Philippine because I would like to learn how market development is conducted by GMS's technology to provide opportunities to those who cannot pass the credit screening in auto loan finance in the world.

Through negotiations with different subsidiaries and local people, I found it crucial in advancing the business to build good human relationships and understand local business customs in addition to having sophisticated business schemes.

As I have seen the COO actively involving his colleagues and partners in the Philippines, I would like to enhance my soft (human) skills through my student life experience and change society based on my internship experience at GMS.

Karen Taketani
Hosei University

I participated in GMS's internship program in Philippine in my second year at university when I was worried about my future.

I was so impressed with Mr. Nakashima, the CEO, who has great passion in alleviating poverty through his business and changing society and wonderful human skills.

I met many remarkable adults including Mr. Nakashima and his employees with strong ambition.

This experience was inspiring and changed my view and values. I would like to make the most of my experience at GMS in the future.

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