Administration Division


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Administration Division
Chief Accountant / CPA

I first learnt about GMS in the Japanese news. I also had a chance to hear the CEO give a speech at a motor show and was moved by GMS’s achievements all over the world.

I joined GMS HQ as I believe my background was a good fit for the administration division, especially accounting.

Having worked at GMS for a while now, I can say I really enjoy everyone’s diverse background and the common goal of contributing to societal growth.

Administration Division

When I was in high school, I interned at a company selling solar lamps, and faced the reality that a large percentage of the population could not afford basic products of the everyday life.

When I found out about GMS’ business scheme and target audience, I quickly realized this was the company I wanted to work for.

I am currently working in GMS Cambodia, and while it can be difficult to introduce our services to local stakeholders, the challenge and results are very rewarding.

There are unlimited business development opportunities for GMS, and I look forward to working with people who are willing to change the world in innovative and groundbreaking ways.

Administration Division

I decided to join this company with the desire to grow as a person from an early stage in life, and because I wanted to contribute to the world in some way, and be part of the business to create wealthier lives for people all over the world.

Currently, in the Communication Division, I am given the opportunity to engage in a wide range of work, including secretarial work, as well as public relations and human resources.

I believe this position is worth the responsibility, as I have the best environment to learn from the executives, and contribute directly to the growth and output of the company.

Moreover, I am able to acquire skills and knowledge from all of the GMS staff, who have broad backgrounds and experiences.

There is no question that GMS is a great place to work for those willing to take a step outside the box and improve themselves.