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Business Division
In charge of Indonesia business development

I joined GMS because of its mission-driven approach to tackle poverty on a global scale.

Through our services, many drivers can own vehicles and provide a better living standard to their families.

I was able to witness the impact of our work first-hand in Indonesia, and I keep this in mind every time I go to work.

As a start-up, we are lucky to have experienced senior management with different yet inspiring careers, who mentor us and teach us a lot, and this makes working at GMS even more enjoyable.

Business Division

I have always been interested in poverty reduction efforts, and GMS seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on exposure in this field.

With prior experience in the NGO / NPO sectors, I was very interested to see how poverty alleviation approaches are tackled in the private sector.

Having worked in GMS Philippines for a few years, I was able to see the impact our services have on Filipino tricycle drivers, and this made me even more proud to work for GMS.

Business Division

I am fascinated by the scale of business changing the structure of society by integrating IoT and FinTech and joining GMS.

At GMS, I have many opportunities to launch new services and engage in overseas business, and I find my work rewarding while also contributing to society.

As part of my role, I am exposed to many areas where we experiment with trial and error, and it is exciting to develop new products with knowledgeable team members.

I am convinced that we can develop new products by using the latest technology and playing a part in building a new mechanism in such an environment.