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We are creating the system that recognize anyone who works earnestly.

There are 2 billion people who can not use the opportunity for finance such as loans and leases and can not purchase mobility although they want to work with mobility around the world.
By creating such a system that people who intend to work earnestly can acquire opportunities to work and can be correctly evaluated by their work and gain new active place, we will solve the social problem that has not been solved yet.


Significance of our existence
It is to make people around the world happy through mobility service.

Our proprietary technology, Mobility Service Platform (MSPF), state-of-the-art IoT device (MCCS), and market development capabilities to realize the world yet to see enable mobility service which enrich people's lives all over the world and increase the quality of ilfe.


Overseas business

GMS has many achievements abroad.

We develop our business in ASEAN countries in the Philippines, Cambodia and other ASEAN countries and create opportunities for economic participation to those who can not utilize the financial bases of 2 billion people in the world and make efforts to create a vibrant society.

Domestic business

Even those who can not pass the traditional credit screening for auto loans, there are many people who are motivated to work and can pay sufficiently. We offer FinTech services that enable to minimize risks to those people.

Auto loan service

Click here for individual customers who are looking for auto loans

It is a revolutionary service for those who want to work with cars but who have not passed the credit screening for auto loan so far and not been able to utilize the car.

This is a "new style auto loan" which makes it possible to enjoy car life for various customers since our service enables people to pass loan examinations, which were declined.

Major shareholders

10 or more companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange have expected our business and invested in GMS.



Global Mobility Service, Inc. has received the 40th IATSS Award for its “introduction and expansion of a new business model for tricycle operation through information and communication technologies”


Global Mobility Service, Inc. will be introduced at the G20 Ministerial Meeting as “A Global Business Case which Promotes Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.”


PT. Global Mobility Service, Inc. notifies its admission to the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) as of March 1, 2019, expanding the possibility of partnerships and promoting its social-problem-solving business


We want to have a workplace where people respect each other.
We provide great working environment where you can make use of your experience, skill and ability.
Why don't you challenge the world with us?