GMS makes people happy through our mobility service.
We enrich people's life around the world and make mobility service that enhances quality of life through our own unique Mobility Service Platform (MSPF), innovative IoT service, and market development strategies. We also strive to create ECO-MOBILITY, that is essential to life of people all over the world, by building IoT infrastructures.

Envisioning society and mobility in 10 years, GMS builds its own Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) and utilize information collected by sensing from our device.

There is high expectation for changes in the automotive industry at global level with the recent growth of interest in IoT.
There have already been many new innovations together with the current progress in automotive technology led by the USA and Europe.

Vehicles fit society

Vehicles have made essential contributions to socio-economic improvements of countries.
To create Smart Community everywhere, we believe that the key is "vehicles" that meet demands of society.
Therefore, in IoT era, "connected" vehicles, which use two-way communication in relaying highly valuable information collected as data, will open different possibilities and is essential to advancing and changing the society in the years to come.

Our role

To provide a globally satisfying mobility service, we have combined our years of experience in vehicle development with our Mobility Service Platform (MSPF).
We aim to diversify our mobility and increase utility of every application platform from our originally developed Mobility Cloud Connecting System (MCCS) with remote control.
With our new business model, we strive to revolutionize information to meet demands of people.