Overseas business model


Service for low-income people to have a vehicle

GMS services enables financial institutions to provide hassle-free loans around the globe to assist low income people in purchasing their own vehicles.

Assist to expand green taxis in Asia

GMS expects a rapid growth of environmentally friendly electric taxis as a substitute of conventional gasoline vehicles, in ASEAN countries.
Our local subsidiary in the Philippines has already introduce environmentally friendly tricycle service in two big cities. GMS plays the central role in this initiative and has been expanding its contribution not only in the Philippines but also the rest of Asian countries leveraging GMS ICT platform and know-how of financial supportive services.

Service model which do not need credit history

Before issuing a vehicle loan, financial institutions conduct credit screening and analyze personal credit history of applicants. However, many low-income people in emerging economies do not have such records and thus cannot gain financial support from banks although they can earn and pay back the loans. Thanks to our original vehicle remote control service specially designed and developed for financial institutions, the banks can now provide vehicle loans to low-income people even without credit history.


E-tricycle expansion service

Toward the expansion of E-tricycle

GMS developed a simple but comprehensive business model combining the vehicle with its proprietary device called MCCS (Mobility Cloud Connecting System), remote controlling, location management, maintenance service and systematic billing procedure.