We want to have a workplace where people respect each other.
We provide great working environment where you can make use of your experience, skill and ability.
Why don't you challenge the world with us?


We would like to be a fascinating organization with a diverse range of people GMS wants people:

・ Who can respect each other including thoughts and dreams
・ Who can think about society beyond GMS
・ Who is brave and can challenge the world and existing large structures
・ Who has very strong ambition

We would like to provide great opportunities and environment

Everyone is thinking about the future with different thoughts, for example, what dream he/she wants to realize, what kind of work he/she wants to do and how he/she wants to be. We provide opportunities and environment where you can try big projects for highly ambitious people.

You only live your life once

We want people with passion and competence which meet users' demands and strong ambition. We strive to create working environment which makes self-fulfilling possible with our fellows through the organization.