The new universe of mobility finance, spreading out into emerging countries covered with emission and noise


We will change the sentences from "We are providing our service … at the world various districts." to "We are providing excited FinTech service to create jobs, increase income of people and the improvement of the environmental problems all over the world."

In highly growing ASEAN countries, unlike Japan, it has been necessary to carefully review loans, leases, etc. because there is no special institution that provides individual credit information.

On that background, there are so many BOP (underclasses) who cannot purchase new vehicles. The only way for BOPs to own vehicles is to purchase cheap old vehicles which leads to serious emission and noise problems.

Such cases were seen in many emerging countries, and it was far from a fundamental solution ever.

In order to solve such problems, we focused on Tricycles, a tricycle for commercial taxi that spreads to 3.5 million units in the Philippines. Tricycle is called the leg of the BOP in the Philippines. We collaborated with many local business partners to realize the commercialization.

As an alternative to old vehicles with lots of noise and emission, replacement to new vehicles is expected in emerging countries.

As a first step, our subsidiary of the Philippines is steadily accumulating the track records. From now on, we will actively expand this business model throughout Asia in cooperation with local finance partners.

Market volume

The number of people who cannot pass
the credit screening and cannot purchase vehicles.

There are 2 billion people in the world who need cars to work but can not afford loans and can not get opportunities to work.

From the perspective of Financial Inclusion, we work both in Japan and overseas to create opportunities to be active for people who are motivated to work.

Auto-loan screening No passing rate



  • Population 105,341,062人
  • Economic growth rate 6.67%
  • Average age 24years old


  • Population 16,323,953人
  • Economic growth rate 6.9%
  • Average age 24years old


  • Population 266,357,297人
  • Economic growth rate 5.3%
  • Average age 28years old


  • Population 96,356,744人
  • Economic growth rate 6.6%
  • Average age 30years old


  • Population 68,415,739人
  • Economic growth rate 3.87%
  • Average age 38years old


  • Population 1,358,137,719人
  • Economic growth rate 7.36%
  • Average age 27years old

Value that GMS offers

Financial institution

Minimize default risk

Increase loan amount


Be able to sell cars that they have not sold so far

Increase sales quantity

The contractor of loan or lease

Be able to buy cars that they could have not bought

Enrich their life


We are cooperating with the stake holders by each country to build the service in each country. We are working on the social building which creates the new value in the enterprise by collaborating beyond the boundaries of the industry such as finance, automobile, infrastructure and administrative agency.

  • Local government (market)

  • Service infrastructure

  • Finance

  • Consigned by the Japanese government

  • Automatic Payment