Global Mobility Service and on-demand delivery platform provider Lalamove
form strategic business partnership in Indonesia
Launch program for registered drivers to create credit and increased income


PT. Global Mobility Service Indonesia (Head office: Jakarta, Indonesia; CEO: Satoshi Takahashi; hereinafter “GMS Indonesia”), an overseas branch in Indonesia of Global Mobility Service Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President/CEO:Tokushi Nakashima; hereinafter “GMS”), and PT Lalamove Logistik Indonesia (Head office: Jakarta, Indonesia; Managing Director: Andi Rizki, hereinafter “Lalamove Indonesia”), the Indonesia subsidiary of on-demand delivery platform provider Lalamove (Head office: Hong Kong; Founder and CEO:Shing Chow) have entered into a strategic business partnership


1. Strategic business partnership summary

Lalamove is an on-demand delivery platform provider that connects users with registered drivers through its platform. It has raised a total of approximately $460 million so far and offers services in 21 markets around the world. The first step of this partnership will be the provision of a car ownership and vehicle rental program by a third-party partner of GMS Indonesia, which utilizes GMS’s IoT technology*1, for both registered drivers with many years of service and vehicle rental for new drivers who qualified for the services. This program allows delivery workers to gain opportunities for car ownership and increased income through credit created upon the evaluation of their driving and payment data. Therefore, those who were unable to pass credit screening despite how diligently they had worked, will be evaluated based on their hard work. In addition, GMS Indonesia will recommend its existing customers to register for Lalamove in order to build a stable delivery network and promote new credit creation.

*1 A system that utilizes GMS’s originally developed IoT device and mobility platform. In the case of loan payment defaults, the activation of the car engine is remotely controlled through real-time supervision, and restarted after payment is completed, promoting drivers to systematically pay off loans.

2. Working with Lalamove and future business expansion

Our business partner, Lalamove has been providing last mile delivery solutions in Jakarta and surrounding in Indonesia since November 2018. Thus, so far it has provided services to over 13,600 corporate and individual users, with over 75,000 registered drivers. In the future, Lalamove Indonesia and GMS Indonesia will continue to strengthen their partnership as Lalamove Indonesia plans to expand to all areas of Java.

As a global startup specializing in financially inclusive FinTech from Japan, GMS works towards realizing a system in which every individual is correctly evaluated for their work. Through our vision, “Through the provision of mobility service, we make people happy”, we create economic rationality while solving social issues including poverty, which is recognized as the most important issue among the SDGs. We will promote a truly “sustainable” business model and contribute to local societies through our activities in Japan and ASEAN countries. For more information about our business, please see this video. (

Please look forward to the future efforts of GMS Indonesia and Lalamove Indonesia.

*Content of this press release, matters related to capital, services, contact information, and other information is based on information at the time of the press release. Changes may be made without notice.

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■About PT Lalamove Logistik Indonesia

Company Name
PT Lalamove Logistik Indonesia
Managing Director Andi Rizki
GoWork, Menara Standard Chartered, 2nd floor Podium, Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.164, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Business description
Providing on-demand delivery service by connecting users to registered drivers
Date of establishment
November 7, 2018

■About Global Mobility Service Inc.

GMS has built a FinTech service model that utilizes the independently developed IoT device "MCCS*2" and the Mobility Service Platform "MSPF*3" to enable remote start control of vehicles and provides it to the Japanese and ASEAN markets. GMS joined Keidanren in March 2019, attracting attention as a business model with a high affinity with Society 5.0 for SDGs. Representative Nakashima was selected as a member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's “SDGs Management / ESG Investment Study Group '' and has contributed to the publication of the “The Guide for SDGs Business Management”.

*2 Abbreviation for Mobility-Cloud Connecting System, which is a system that specifies the location information of a car, remotely controls the activation of the car's engine safely, and enables sensing.

*3 Mobility Service Platform is a platform system that performs management, control, data analysis, etc. for mobility, and enables collaboration with external systems via the Open API on the cloud.

Company Name
Global Mobility Service Inc.
Tokushi Nakashima (President Director / CEO)
4F Sumitomo Shiba Daimon Bldg.Ⅱ, 1-12-16 Shibadaimon,Minato-ku,Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
Business description
  • Provision of Mobility Service Platform
  • Utilization service of big data accumulated on the cloud server
Date of establishment
November 25, 2013