Global Mobility Service acquires the certification of international standard
for Information Security Management System (ISMS)


Global Mobility Service Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President Director / CEO: Tokushi Nakashima; hereinafter referred to as “GMS”) acquired the certification of ISO 27001 (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 / JIS Q 27001: 2014), which is an international standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS), for the Technical Division.

IS 711302 / ISO 27001

IS 711302 / ISO 27001

GMS handles important information of customers who use FinTech services, and we have strictly managed information in accordance with our strict company standard to ensure that customers can use our services at ease. GMS's information security management system has been recognized by a third-party organization, and we have acquired the international standard certification of “ISO 27001 (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 / JIS Q 27001: 2014)”. We will put more effort to strengthen the information security system and to enhance the trust of our customers.

■Overview of certification registration
Certification standard:ISO 27001(ISO / IEC 27001:2013/ JIS Q 27001:2014)
Registered organization:Global Mobility Service Inc. Technical Division
Scope of registration: Data analysis, development and operation of vehicle condition monitoring and vehicle remote control system
Statement of Applicability 1st edition dated June 11, 2019
Date of certification registration:September 27, 2019
Certification registration number:IS 711302

As a global startup specializing in financially inclusive FinTech from Japan, GMS works towards realizing a system in which every individual is correctly evaluated for their work. Through our vision, “Through the provision of mobility service, we make people happy”, we create economic rationality while solving social issues including poverty, which is recognized as the most important issue among the SDGs. We will promote a truly “sustainable” business model and contribute to local societies through our activities in Japan and ASEAN countries.

Please look forward to the future efforts of GMS.

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Global Mobility Service Inc. Okubo & Fukada

■Overview of Global Mobility Service Inc.

GMS has built a FinTech service model that utilizes the IoT device “MCCS*1” enabling remote start control of proprietary vehicles and the mobility service platform “MSPF *2”, and provided them to the Japanese and ASEAN markets. We joined Keidanren (Federation of Economic Organizations) in March 2019 and have attracted attention as a business model with high affinity with Society 5.0 for SDGs. Also, Nakashima was elected as a member of the “SDGs Management / ESG Investment Study Group” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and contributed to publish the “SDGs Management Guide”. This GMS model has been highly evaluated as a model case project for achieving the SDGs.

*1 "MCCS" is an abbreviation for Mobility-Cloud Connecting System, a device which identifies the location of the vehicle. This system enables safe control and remote operation of the engine. *2 "MSPF" is an abbreviation for Mobility Service Platform, which allows management, control, data analysis etc. of the vehicles.

Company Name
Global Mobility Service Inc.
Tokushi Nakashima (President Director / CEO)
Head Office
4F Sumitomo Shiba Daimon Bldg.Ⅱ, 1-12-16 Shibadaimon,Minato-ku,Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
  • Provision of Mobility Service Platform
  • Utilization service of big data accumulated on the cloud server
Date of Establishment
Nov 25,2013