Global Mobility Service the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Announce Comprehensive Partnership
~Promoting the spread of FinTech auto loan services towards the realization of the SDGs~

株式会社 大垣共立銀行

Global Mobility Service Inc. (President Director/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima, hereinafter referred to as "GMS") and The Ogaki-Kyoritsu Bank Ltd. (President/Rep Dir: Toshiyuki Sakai, hereinafter referred to as “OKB”) are pleased to announce the formation of a comprehensive business partnership, for the purpose of promoting our services towards the realization of the SDGs. It will be the first time for GMS to form a comprehensive partnership with a regional bank.

GMS’s business is gaining recognition both at home and abroad as a business contributing to the realization of the SDGs. GMS has also been introduced at the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy as “a global business case which promotes sustainable and inclusive growth.”

As the first stage of our partnership, GMS will begin the provision of a new auto loan service for customers around OKB’s sales areas within this year. We plan to further engage with the SDGs by creating credit through our FinTech services, to those who had not been able to gain access to financial services.

OKB will introduce GMS’s FinTech services to automobile dealers in the Tokai area, as well as co-develop a financial service with the use of data collected within GMS’s Mobility Service Platform “*MSPF”. Furthermore, the OKB group’s broad networks abroad will help support GMS’s development of overseas business. * "MSPF" is an abbreviation for Mobility Service Platform, which allows management, control, data analysis etc. of vehicles through Open API.

<Our Vision towards the SDGs through the Partnership>


GMS, along with our partner companies other finance partners, will continue our efforts to extend the reach of our services through our vision “We make people happy through the provision of mobility service.” In order to create opportunities for the those who do not have access to financial services, we will work toward this aim in Japan and other ASEAN countries.

Please look forward to the future efforts of GMS and OKB.

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