Global Mobility Service and Maybank Indonesia Finance of the Maybank group, Malaysia’s largest bank make a business alliances

Launch Innovative auto loan for commercial drivers in Indonesia


PT. Global Mobility Service Indonesia (Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia, President Director: Tokushi Nakashima, hereafter referred to as "GMS Indonesia"), a subsidiary of Global Mobility Service, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President-director corporate executive officer/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima, hereafter referred to as “GMS”) and PT. Maybank Indonesia Finance (Headquarters: Jakarta City, Indonesia, President Director: Alexander, hereinafter "Maybank Finance") are pleased to inform you that we have started to offer Innovative auto loan to commercial drivers mainly working for ride sharing services and taxis in Indonesia.

Maybank Finance is a finance company of Maybank Group, Malaysia's largest bank operating in 12 countries in Asia. As one of Indonesia's leading finance companies, 33 branches nationwide offer loans targeting automobiles and heavy equipment and so on.

Maybank Finance President Director Alexander (left) ,GMS Indonesia President Director Nakashima (right)

【Maybank Finance President Director Alexander (left) ,GMS Indonesia President Director Nakashima (right)】

GMS utilizes the IoT device "MCCS*1" and the mobility service platform "MSPF*2" that enable remote activation/deactivation control of mobility including vehicles and motorcycles to provide innovative services that can provide access to auto loans for those denied credit in the traditional financial system in the Philippines, Cambodia, and other ASEAN countries, as well as in Japan.

It is recognized as a groundbreaking service that brings great social value by realizing the creation of employment in each country, the improvement of income and living standards, the improvement of the atmospheric environment by promoting replacement of old vehicles with many exhaust gas to new cars. It is becoming a "soft infrastructure" that local society needs.

GMS and Maybank Finance will create an innovative service model that utilizes MCCS and MSPF and will provide loans to customers who traditionally have been unable to reach loans in Indonesia.

* 1 "MCCS" is an abbreviation of Mobility-Cloud Connecting System, which is an IoT system that enables to locate the position information of mobility and other mobility, including cars, as well as to enable remote activation control of automobile engines and various kinds of information sensing.

* 2 "MSPF" is an abbreviation for Mobility Service Platform, which is a platform system that enables management, control, data analysis, etc. for mobility, and enables cooperation with external systems via the Open API on the cloud.

【Background of Business Alliance】

Approximately two billion people in the world cannot get auto loan because they cannot pass credit screening.
Indonesia has a huge population of 260 million people and new automobile sales volume exceeds 1 million units per year, with higher growth year on year over the previous year, it’s proven that automobile purchase prospects are steadily increasing. However it is said that still more than 70% people can’t purchase the automobile because they can’t pass credit assessment.
In the country, where ride sharing service and taxi is rapidly growing, there are a lot of people who wish to work as a commercial driver. If they have a car and right environment where those motivated people can work, there is a strong demand for that.

GMS will jointly offer Innovative Auto Loans for people who intend to work as commercial drivers, along with Maybank Finance and more and more finance partner companies. GMS will commit to realize a better society that can evaluate hard-working people correctly and live a better life.

Please look forward to the efforts of GMS Indonesia and Maybank Finance.

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