AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd and Global Mobility Service, Inc
launch a “four-wheel auto loan business” in Indonesia, utilizing IoT for rideshare drivers


AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd (President-director: Kenji Kawahara, hereafter referred to as “AEON Financial Service”) and Global Mobility Service, Inc. (President-director corporate executive officer/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima, hereafter referred to as “GMS”) are pleased to announce that we have begun a trial of auto loans for the increasingly-growing rideshare drivers in Indonesia.

Both companies have provided auto loans targeting drivers of tricycles (three-wheeled taxis) and four-wheeled taxis in the Philippines, and have contributed to creating job opportunities of drivers as well as improving air pollution through the introduction of new low-emission vehicles. In order to implement the same efforts in Indonesia, a rapidly growing country with the largest population among the ASEAN countries, from October 2018, PT. AEON CREDIT SERVICE INDONESIA (Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia, President Director: Mr. Yasunori Narabayashi, hereafter referred to as “ACS Indonesia”), a subsidiary of AEON Financial Service and PT. Global Mobility Service Indonesia (Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia, President Director: Tokushima Nakajima, hereafter referred to as "GMS Indonesia"), a subsidiary of GMS, have launched a trial of auto loans for four-wheeled taxi drivers.

【President Narabayashi of ACS Indonesia (left) and President Nakashima of GMS Indonesia (right)】

Although Indonesia, with a total population of 260 million people, has a low automobile ownership rate of 5%, it enjoys an expanding automobile market, with the annual sales volume of automobiles (including both new and secondhand cars) exceeding 4 million units. Motorization is in rapid progress, and it is estimated that the annual sales volume will exceed 5 million units by 2021. Along with this, dispatch services utilizing mobile applications have spread rapidly in capital Jakarta, and are influencing the lives of many citizens. However, while the demand for the employment of drivers are expanding, there is a reality in which drivers are unable to enjoy job opportunities due to their inability to gain access to loans. Under such circumstances, AEON Financial Service and GMS provide vehicles equipped with IoT devices, which allow remote operation of the engine, functioning as collateral for the credit provision in the event of repayment delays or unauthorized removal of the device. In this manner, the four-wheel auto loan aims at providing stable revenues and increasing employment opportunities for drivers.

AEON Financial Service will continue our efforts to provide safe, secure, convenient and affordable services to meet the wide range of financial needs of our customers.

In addition, GMS will work with our finance partners to create new ways of financing around the world.

Systematic framework of the auto loan business

【Past partnership projects】
・July, 2017 Introduction of auto loan trials for tricycles (three-wheeled taxis) in the Philippines
・Jan, 2018 Introduction of auto loan trials for four-wheeled taxis in Cambodia
・July, 2018 Introduction of auto loan trials for four-wheeled taxis in the Philippines


Indonesia has the largest population among the ASEAN countries, and has been achieving steady economic growth. We believe that personal consumptions will further expand in line with this economic growth, in addition to the increase in credit needs. In May 2006, we established this company in such a promising market, engaging in installment projects at local affiliated stores specializing mainly in mobile phones, homeware electronics, and furniture. Along with our acquisition of a credit card issuing license in June 2013, we strive to improve the convenience of local customers by providing diverse financial services.

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About Global Mobility Service Inc.

Establishment: November 25, 2013
Head Office: 4F Sumitomo Shiba Daimon Bldg.Ⅱ, 1-12-16 Shibadaimon,Minato-ku,Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
Representative: Tokushi Nakashima (President/CEO)

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