FinTech Venture Global Mobility Service establishes its fourth overseas affiliate in Indonesia

Global Mobility Service, inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President-director corporate executive officer/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima, hereinafter referred to as "GMS") notifies its expansion into the Republic of Indonesia and its establishment of a local subsidiary, PT. Global Mobility Service Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “GMS Indonesia”), for the provision of our FinTech service created by the original IoT technology of GMS. This is our fourth country to establish an overseas subsidiary, after Japan, the Philippines, and Cambodia.

1.What we do in GMS

We provide an innovative FinTech service throughout the ASEAN countries, including the Philippines, and Japan, in order to enable those rejected by credit investigations to gain access to loans and leases, through “MCCS,” our originally developed IoT device which allows the remote operation of mobility, and MSPF (Mobility Service Platform).

In Indonesia, we will mainly provide an innovative FinTech service which realizes loans and leases for taxis, which is a vital transportation tool for the development of the country, aimed at those in need of automobiles in order to make a living. GMS’s services will enable those rejected by loan assessments to not only purchase a car, but also to gain job opportunities, and improve their income level. GMS will provide services together with our business tie-up partners. We will keep you informed of our engagements with business partners henceforth.

【GMS Indnesia office building】 【GMS Indnesia member】

2. Background and Overview

The brief overview of GMS Indonesia are as show below:

Subsidiary name:
PT. Global Mobility Service Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tokushi Nakashima (GMS President-director corporate executive officer/CEO)
10 Billion IDR
Global Mobility Service, inc 100%

Indonesia, which has the largest population of Southeast Asia of 260 million people, has been showing remarkable economic growth with a GDP growth rate exceeding 5%, and population expected to continue increasing until 2070. In such an economic environment, there are many people with the desire to get jobs as taxi drivers or logistics, through the access to automobiles. However, many people are unable to purchase cars because they cannot pass the loan assessment, which inevitably deprives them of their employment opportunities.

Up until now GMS has established a corporation in Japan, the Philippines, and Cambodia, in order to spread our "FinTech Service" which creates opportunities to buy and use cars for people who "can enjoy a better life with a job as long as they have access to cars.” The demand for this FinTech service is not only limited to Japan, the Philippines, and Cambodia but also to other ASEAN countries, and countries all over the world. On this occasion, in response to the expectation and request of GMS's FinTech service from the Indonesian locality, we made a decision to expand our services to Indonesia.

By providing our own FinTech service to GMS Indonesia, GMS will create an innovative finance system which enables people to purchase vehicles through their access to loans. In this way, GMS, together with affiliated finance companies, will work to contribute to the improvement of living standard of local people.

Please look forward to the future efforts of GMS, and GMS Indonesia.

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November 25, 2013
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