Global Mobility Service and SBJ Bank Form a Business Alliance
Begins offering FinTech loans using IoT devices in Japan and ASEAN countries

SBJ Bank, Ltd.
Global Mobility Service, inc.

Global Mobility Service, inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President-director corporate executive officer/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima, hereinafter referred to as "GMS"), and SBJ Bank, Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Seiichiro Tomiya) are pleased to inform you that we have concluded a business tie-up with the objective of providing innovative FinTech auto loan services※1 which expand the credit approval capacity in Japan and ASEAN countries.

※1 Auto loan refers to loans for automobiles and private owned cars

1. Overview of the business cooperation

In GMS, we have been providing an innovative FinTech service throughout emerging countries, including the Philippines, and Japan, using “MCCS”※2 , our originally developed IoT device which allows the remote operation of mobility, and MSPF (Mobility Service Platform)※3 .

SBJ Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shinhan Financial Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Korea with a network of 150 stores in 20 countries. Its operations in Japan began from 2009, and has provided financial services such as the "ANY Mortgage Loan" and "SBJ My Car Loan" to a wide range of customers including foreigners.

Through its cooperation with GMS, SBJ Bank will begin its engagement in "MCCS-equipped Auto Loans" from July 26, 2018, and will work on auto loan services for customers including foreigners who have difficulty gaining approval their auto loan application. In addition, a specialized team will be set up within the SBJ Bank head office to further enhance customer services.

In the future, both companies will provide financing to those in need of "MCCS-equipped Auto Loans" in the countries of business expansion, thereby enabling loans to be offered to new customers, and the development of new markets.

※2“MCCS” refers to Mobility-Cloud Connecting System, which is a system that specifies the location of the car and enables safe remote operation, as well as sensing

※3“MSPF” refers to Mobility Service Platform, which is a platform system that performs management, control, data analysis, etc. for mobility, and enables linkage with external systems via Open API on cloud.

2.Background and challenges

In Japan, there are approximately two million people who are declined of their access to cars due to auto finance assessments. With conventional auto loans, it has been difficult especially for foreigners to obtain approval despite having sufficient payment capability and there has, consequently, been a halt in the employment of personnel

Additionally, in ASEAN countries, there are many people missing out on the opportunity to enrich their lives because they are unable to gain access to auto loans, due to the fact that they did not have opportunities to use financial services from their poor and historical backgrounds.

3. Future prospects through the partnership

We strongly believe that supporting highly motivated people of Japan and ASEAN countries who work in Japan and creating opportunities to enrich their lives by obtaining cars is socially meaningful. We will also create new opportunities in the market economy in Japan and ASEAN countries by creating new financial opportunities utilizing FinTech and increasing the volume of vehicle sales at the same time.

The outline of the auto loan that SBJ Bank will address is as follows:


GMS, under our philosophy "We make people happy through the provision of mobility service," will develop services in Japan and ASEAN countries that enable motivated people to enrich their lives through the use of finance, together with alliance partners and affiliated finance companies.

Please look forward to the future efforts of GMS.

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