For the expansion of the FinTech service to offer a three-wheeled taxi vehicle to the lower-income class, the global mobility service cooperated with the Navotas city that became the fifth partner city in a Philippine metropolitan area city.

Global Mobility Service, inc. (the headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, president-director corporate executive officer/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima, lower than "GMS") notifies that it cooperates with the Navotas city which is country metropolitan area city for the expansion of the original FinTech service offer that people of the lower-income class can use vehicles.

The Mayor of Navotas city (the left) and Nakajima of the GMS delegate (the right)

Appearance of the Navotas city signing ceremony

1. Here's an overview of the Navotas city

 Navotas city is with a population of two hundred fifty thousand (250,000).
In this city facing the Gulf of Manila, fishery is prosperous, and the fish catches are also said to be No. 1 in the Philippines, and they are placed as one of the major cities of the Manila metropolitan area.
While the distribution of the trade product is activated year by year, contrary to such a key industry, air pollution becomes serious social problem.
It is caused by the exhaust gas of the three-wheeled taxi (hereinafter called "tricycle") which is a paratransit rooting in as a foot of the civic life.
The Philippine government determines prohibition, the control of the new registration of old-model vehicles (2 stroke vehicles) with much exhaust gas by the "Clean Air Act" law, however, vehicles of more than 80% of tricycle running in the Navotas city are 2 stroke-type old-model vehicles. Because a citizen may not utilize a loan and lease, it is present state that the spread of new vehicles with a little exhaust gas does not advance.

Citizen's most are people evaluated in the BOP (Base of the Pyramid) stratum, it is difficult for them to utilize a loan and lease. Because even if new vehicles want to be purchased, the credit from the financial institutions is not obtained. It is impossible to purchase vehicles by cash lump sum for many people. That is why the purchase of new vehicles does not advance, and there is the actual situation that old-model vehicles continue still running.

2. Approach of the GMS and partnering with the Navotas city

For people hoping to begin work as a driver of tricycle and the people who desire the replacement by purchase of vehicles, but fall into a loan and the review of the lease, and cannot buy a new, the GMS presents the FinTech service that can offer new tricycle vehicles in the Philippines.
We cooperated with 4 cities of Makati city, Pasay city, Kaesong City, Paranaque city and offered service until now.

This FinTech service is realized by advanced technology of the GMS. The remote start control of vehicles is enabled by being equipped with "MCCS (Mobility-Cloud Connecting System) "which is IoT device of the GMS original development to vehicles.
As engine start is controlled for the vehicles that rate payment of months is not conducted, payment is promoted, and rate delay of payment can be largely decreased.
Also, by identifying the real-time location information of vehicles, the outstanding payment of the rate can be collected about the following vehicles surely, and as the losses risk by credit losses of a loan and the lease is decreased remarkably, even as for the person who may not utilize a loan and lease conventionally, a creation of the offer occasion of certain vehicles is realized by security.

It is promoted replacing it to the new vehicles of old-model tricycle vehicles by the Navotas city utilizing service of the GMS and Improvement of the air pollution is realized, at the same time, the GMS realizes securing of job opportunity of the people who cannot work as tricycle driver for the reason that cannot obtain vehicles and improvement of the income and aims at the improvement of the quality of life of the Navotas citizen.

The GMS will escalate a partner city in future around Manila metropolitan area, and develop business to contribute to improvement of the standard of living of more people. Also, based on an approach in this Philippines, we develop further business in each ASEAN country and push forward an approach of the business to create the unprecedented new financial figure with partner companies.

Please expect for an approach of the future GMS.

Reference of the press members of about this case

Global Mobility Service, inc. Takahashi (charge)
TEL: 03-6264-3113 (main)

With respect to Global Mobility Service, inc.

A company name: Global Mobility Service, inc.
Incorporation:November 25, 2013
Representative: President-director corporate executive officer/CEO Tokushi Nakashima
Location: 4F Sumitomo Shiba Daimon Bldg.Ⅱ, 1-12-16 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
Stated capital: One billion seventy million seven hundred fourteen thousand nine hundred (1,070,714,900) yen (upon financing completion. Capital surplus reserve is included)