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Create the financial service to change a life of the world lower-income class wealthily. The AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd. and the Global Mobility Service, inc. agreed by co-operation of the epoch-making auto loan creation. Co-operation in the Philippines is started in July 2017 for the first. July 28, 2017

 The AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd (a president-director: Kenji Kawahara as follows AEON Financial Service) and the Global Mobility Service, inc. (president-director corporate executive officer/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima as follows GMS) notify of agreeing to review the co-operation for the creation of the financial service to improve the standard of living of world people.

1. The background of the co-operation

 The motor vehicle in excess of one billion one hundred million (1,100,000,000) runs in the world, but motor vehicle cannot be obtained without passing the review of the loan even if two billion (2,000,000,000) people utilize an auto loan and want to purchase motor vehicle.
Most are individuals to work, and to be allowed to be accompanied such as an individual and a taxi or the distribution that the convenience of the life greatly improves if motor vehicle may purchase.
 However, the population that does not hold a bank account in a rising nation accounts for majority. It is the actual situation that there are many people who may not utilize a loan without passing for the credit review by financial institutions due to a financial institution not also developing,
even if there is loan repayment capacity.
Those people are the individuals who can acquire an opportunity of the activity by obtaining occasion of the loan utilization.
If even motor vehicle is available, they can work with worth doing lively and, as a result, can anticipate improvement of their income.

2. The outline of the co-operation

AEON Financial Service and GMS solve such a social problem and create "the society where a person doing the best is duly evaluated" and we will provide a service for lower-income class to have finance occasion in its hand by this business tie-up.
 At first, the IoT device "MCCS (Mobility-Cloud Connecting System) "& IoT platform system which GMS offers is utilized and we enable the offer of the auto loan in making it possible to control the engine start of vehicles in remoteness.
 For the first of the cooperation in business, in the Philippines which is one country of the booming ASEAN, AEON CREDIT SERVICE (PHILIPPINES) INC. (the headquarters: Philippines, Pasig City, a president-director: Takayuki Araki) which was a subsidiary of AEON Financial Service and Global Mobility service, Philippines Inc. (the headquarters: Philippines, Makati City, President/CEO: Tokushi Nakashima) which was a subsidiary of GMS started the approach in the auto loan for tricycle (three-wheeled taxi) from July, 2017.
The offer of the auto loan for three-wheeled taxis utilizing IoT device of GMS by financial institutions of Japan becomes the first approach in the Philippines.

 In the Philippines, a population of twenty-six million five hundred thousand (26,500,000) of one hundred million (100,000,000) people are said to be the poor, tricycle which the number of three million five hundred thousand (3,500,000) runs in this country is used as a foot of the life of people.
However, the individual desired cannot obtain occasion of the loan exploitation in employment for a driver of tricycle until now, while the existing driver continues also using timeworn old vehicles, discharge of the exhaust gas and the noise become social problem in the country.
Through this co-operation in new vehicles introduction of the low exhaust gas advancing,
The realization of a creation and the air environment improvement of the job opportunity comes to have a big social signification. And, because people utilizing AEON Financial Service and service of the GMS try work hard, they have an opportunity to shift from the lower-income class to the middle class in their hand and can live a high-quality life.
This is a service to lead to "a life support enterprise keeping your future and credit alive through a financial service" which is management philosophy of AEON Financial Service and it is an approach to conform simultaneously to a vision "to make many people happy through mobility service offering" which is management philosophy of GMS.

 As for the auto loan utilizing an IoT technology of this GMS, the application to a two‐wheeled vehicle and a four‐wheeled vehicle are possible as well as a three-wheeled vehicle and we are going to work on respective needs sequentially in all the countries of the world including ASEAN such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia which are the country that AEON Financial Service conducts a business development.
With the vehicles maker and the distributor which utilize this new auto loan, and anticipate the increase of unit sales of vehicles, and a partner company offering a related service, we promote co-operation.
 AEON Financial Service will try for the improvement of service advantageous in security, relief, convenience in order to meet the wide finance needs of the customer from now on.
GMS will create the new financial figure all over the world with the partner finance partner companies.

Please expect for the approach of both companies in the future.

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