Adopted by "Japan- ASEAN new industry creation demonstration business" of JETRO
~IoT X FinTech service enabling a creation of the employment and it give vehicles to the people who do not pass for auto loan credit review of the ASEAN~

he Global Mobility Service (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President-director corporate executive officer/CEO Tokushi Nakashima, lower than "GMS") notifies that it cooperates with the Paranaque city which is the National Capital Region of the Philippines at the business deployment in the FinTech service utilizing an original IoT technology.

1. Outline of "Japan- ASEAN new industry creation demonstration business"

New Business is born every day in the field of new industries such as digital, health care, IoT, the service in the ASEAN area, and the domain that the innovation from the ASEAN shall also mean is born one after another now. Furthermore, in the domain where Japan faces an object earlier from ASEAN area, there are much expectation to the business opportunity such as know-how or the service offer increases.

Also as movement between the government, Japan proposes "the day ASEAN innovation network" which is the new framework to push forward development in Asia by the coordination with a Japanese company and the ASEAN company of fourth industry revolution, and big expectation and welcome put, and it shall be by each ASEAN country at the day ASEAN Economy Minister Meeting held in August, 2016.

In such conditions, purpose of "- ASEAN new industry creation demonstration business by the JETRO in Japan" is to exercise a Japanese company and the demonstration business for new industry creations by the collaboration with the local company, and to promote a Japanese company in the ASEAN and the business coordination beyond the border with the local company and is to support the overseas market acquisition of the Japanese company in this territory that changes every moment and grows up.

In the field of new industry, the GMS aims at the business creations such as feasibility of drawing , development or demonstration, the evaluation of products, the service by the coordination of a Japanese company and the ASEAN company, and at regulation reform or the system maintenance.

2. Background of the demonstration business by the GMS

Recommendations of the GMS called "IoT X FinTech service demonstration business to give vehicles to the people who did not pass for auto loan credit review of the ASEAN, and to create employment" were taken at this demonstration business.

As conditions of each ASEAN country, even if a car wants to be purchased to begin work for the work requiring a taxi and the car including the distribution relationship, there are many people not to be allowed to purchase a car and is for the credit review of the auto loan lease without being allowed to pass.

Generally, there is the bank account holding rate in a yet low standard while the states where GDP exceeds three thousand (3,000) dollars per person known and described as the motorization arrival line increase, and it is expected that motor vehicle demand will suddenly increase in future, and the proportion of the layer that cannot be passed for credit review of the auto loan lease occupies the majority.

There are the people who can obtain income through the work such as taxis if even a car can last and fully have solvency of the loan lease a lot. Therefore, the settlement of the employment gap caused by the issue of credit is demanded eagerly.

3. Outline of the demonstration business of the GMS and the future prospects

The GMS utilizes IoT device "Mobility Cloud Connecting System (MCCS)" of the original development to enable the remote start to control of vehicles and IoT platform system to layer "that cannot pass for credit review of the auto loan lease in" before.

We establish the system which may consolidate operation management from receipt of money closing for the people who do not maintain a bank account by cooperating with the technology owned by the PLDT Inc. group that is a Philippines's biggest carrier and exercises the demonstration business for the credit gap solution to the problem.

The GMS will create the new finance occasion that cannot be provided based on result by this demonstration business conventionally. It is planning to be developed to an approach to solve a similar problem after the demonstration business in each ASEAN country including the Philippines.

We develop a business in global with the partner companies including the finance company and will create innovation to bring about the new way of the finance requested and demanded by the society in the ASEAN region.

For an approach of GMS in the future, please expect it.

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A company name: Global Mobility Service, inc.
Incorporation:November 25, 2013
Representative: President-director corporate executive officer/CEO Tokushi Nakashima
Location: 4F Sumitomo Shiba Daimon Bldg.Ⅱ, 1-12-16 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
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