GMS of the Mobility × IoT × FinTech Venture
It cooperates with Paranaque city of growth rate No. 1 in the Philippines
~Offer the FinTech service becoming available new model vehicles for an applicant who want to begin work by a driver of three-wheeled taxi which is a semi-public transportation, even as for the lower-income class~

The Global Mobility Service (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President-director corporate executive officer/CEO Tokushi Nakashima, lower than "GMS") notifies that it cooperates with the Paranaque city which is the National Capital Region of the Philippines at the business deployment in the FinTech service utilizing an original IoT technology.

The signing ceremony with Paranaque city.

1. General information of the Paranaque city

The Paranaque city is located in the Philippine metropolitan area and is one of country metropolises with Manila International Airport.

The Paranaque city is known as the city where population growth is more extreme than the late 20th century. Also well- known as the resort casino area where the Paranaque city is proud of the country best in late years. While Paranaque city accomplishes economic development, there are many people whom income placed as BOP (Base of the Pyramid) layer does not improve at all, people who may not also obtain employment and exists, and it becomes one of local material society objects.

The Philippines prohibits old vehicles (2 stroke vehicles) by the "Clean Air Act" law and supervises, however, there are many citizens of the lower-income class that belongs to BOP, and does not maintain a bank account, and they hold the actual situation that it is not promoted replacing of old type vehicles for a loan at the time of the vehicles purchase and credit review of the lease in order not to be allowed to pass.

2. With an approach of the GMS, and affiliation with the Paranaque city

The GMS sets up the base in Japan and the Philippines and is a venture company developing a platform service utilizing an original IoT technology realizing the remote start control of the mobility in Japan and each ASEAN country.

In the Philippines, the GMS develops the service that people hoping to begin work as a driver of the three-wheeled taxi known and described as "Tricycle" may obtain vehicles.

The payment of the rate controls the engine start of the vehicles which there is not by putting IoT device "MCCS (Mobility-Cloud Connecting System) "enabling the remote start control of vehicles of the GMS on vehicles and promotes payment and may realize the certain recovery of outstanding vehicles.

The security of vehicles in a loan and the lease, abbreviation of moderation, the review of the credit examination standard are realized, and the people who cannot use a loan and a lease create the occasion that may obtain vehicles conventionally.

The GMS develops a service to give vehicles to for citizens, "the job as the tricycle driver is had in the hand if there are even vehicles, and a life becomes rich" there by the affiliation with the Paranaque city.

By this service, creation of the new employment, a rise in income and the air environment improvement by promoting replacing of old vehicles realize in Paranaque city.

3. Future extent in the approach of the GMS

The GMS cooperates with Makati, Pasay and Quezon city that are the National Capital Region of the Philippines and business there.

And the affiliation with this Paranaque city increased, and the affiliation with 4 cities in total was realized.

This approach is widened simultaneously in other cities and territories and will be a plan developed to all the countries of the world mainly on the ASEAN in future.

The GMS gives the epoch-making service that not only four-wheeled, tricycle, two-wheeled vehicles but also various mobility including agricultural machinery and the-based plane also change the financial way into as subject.

The people who cannot purchase mobility of the world obtain the utilization occasion of the mobility and think that it is our social mission to realize job opportunity and expansion of the business occasion until now. And the GMS develops business with the enterprise companies which are an affiliation partner while a visualization, value of the information by the second utilization of MCCS which is IoT device enabling the remote start control of the mobility and big data utilizes IoT platform system enabling making.

Please expect for an approach of the GMS of the future.

Reference of the press members of about this case

Global Mobility Service, inc. Takahashi (charge)
TEL: 03-6264-3113 (main)

With respect to Global Mobility Service, inc.

A company name: Global Mobility Service, inc.
Incorporation:November 25, 2013
Representative: President-director corporate executive officer/CEO Tokushi Nakashima
Location: 4F Sumitomo Shiba Daimon Bldg.Ⅱ, 1-12-16 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0012, Japan
Stated capital: One billion seventy million seven hundred fourteen thousand nine hundred (1,070,714,900) yen (upon financing completion. Capital surplus reserve is included)