Global Mobility Service Inc and BPI Globe BanKO: A Financial Technology Partnership that will help Tricycle Drivers and Operators In Metro Manila

Global Mobility Service Inc. (GMS) and BPI Globe BanKO (BanKO) announce their partnership with their "Fin-Tech Business Program". The project aims to provide advance technology and financial support to aspiring drivers and operators to have their own tricycles that will help them with their livelihood.

GMS is engaged in wholesale of both 4-stroke and electric tricycles and in providing these vehicles with Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) and Mobility Cloud Connecting System (MCCS) for an efficient and environment friendly "green" transport system in the cities of Metro Manila.

BPI Globe BanKO CEO Jerome B. Minglana and GMS CEO & President Tokushi Nakashima

GMS and BanKO agree to co-develop and implement a new Financial-Technology business model for tricycle drivers/operators by providing them the opportunity to purchase and operate their own 4-stroke or electric tricycle in compliance with the requirements of the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 and as a prerequisite in the renewal of their Tricycle Franchise.

GMS innovates the concept of selling vehicles by creating a bundle of services that will complement the unit. These services include vehicle check-ups, installing anti-theft systems (remote activation /deactivation) and integrated vehicle monitoring systems, and billing systems for weekly or monthly payments making the purchase of vehicles more convenient. This will allow vehicle operators to avail of the transport units from GMS at a more affordable price. In case of delay in payment, GMS will limit the usage of vehicle by remote control.

Real-time monitoring of the condition and the location of the vehicle via Global Positioning System (GPS) enables GMS to efficiently assess the roadworthiness of the vehicle, provide prompt assistance or protection in case of a theft that gives assurance of safety to the driver/operator and riding public as well, and provide needed technical and mechanical support as a secondary service.

To complement the program, GMS has been in partnership with PLDT and Local Government Units in Makati and Pasay City to conduct this and finally, BanKO has agreed to finance the acquisition of a 4-stroke tricycle with MCCS by the tricycle drivers/operators under its "Loan Facility for Tricycle Conversion with MCCS Device.

"Being able to help the tricycle drivers/operators acquire vehicles that will enable them to provide for their families is reinforcement on BanKO's mission. This project doesn't just help the economy, but the environment as well. "said Jerome Minglana, President of BPI Globe BanKO.

"In the world, it is said that there are around 2 billion people who cannot acquire financing for a vehicle acquisition. Our aim is to improve the lives of Filipino tricycle drivers/operators by providing vehicles together with our latest innovative Internet of Things platform technology and change the vehicle financing society. We strongly believe that this partnership will be the first step to help promote their lives as well as the Philippine society in terms of transportation" says GMS's President/CEO, Tokushi Nakashima.

From now on, GMS will also apply to the other financing institutions and investors all over the world and through the secured service model, will contribute to the improvement of lives of many Filipinos, as well as to solve the air pollution in the country.

About Global Mobility Service Inc.

Global Mobility Service Inc. (GMS Inc.) an Informatics and Telecommunications Technology Vehicles Venture Company based in Tokyo, Japan that develop the latest concept of Mobility Cloud Connecting System (MCCS). Through this system whenever attach to the unit, are able to roadway all the data pertaining to the vehicle, from external down to its internal peripherals and even its condition. GMS project MCCS for Telematics enables wireless data communication or the transmission of information remotely over distance – this subsequently opens up a wide range of any possibilities that will definitely improve as far as public transportation are mainly concern.

About BPI Globe BanKO

BPI Globe BanKO (or BanKO) is the Philippines' first mobile-based savings bank that provides financial empowerment and growth opportunities to the unbanked population, by enabling them to safeguard their savings with affordable and secure microfinance services that they can easily access on their mobile phones.
BanKO offers savings, loans, insurance and other financial services to the "unbanked" – those who do not have bank accounts who comprise 80% of the population. Its mission is to give every Filipino access to relevant financial services in a more convenient and hassle-free manner.

About Global Mobility Service, Inc.

Establishment:November 2013
Capital:Yen 1,070,714,900
Head Office:Ginza, Chu--oh-ku, Tokyo
Philippine Office:Unit 1503 Antel 2000 Corporate Centre, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.
CEO & President:Tokushi Nakashima

・Provision of vehicle IoT platform service
・Secondary usage service through big data piled on the cloud