PLDT/Smart and Global Mobility Services, Inc. Expand IoT Services for Local Vehicles Industry leaders collaborate to redefine local transportation through ICT and digital solutions

The journey of mobility IoT company Global Mobility Services, Inc. (GMS) has always geared towards the improvement and optimization of current transport systems and practices. Since establishing a local presence back in 2013, it is on track to enhancing the user-experiences of both drivers and riders through top-grade breakthrough technologies.
The Japan-based company is responsible for developing the revolutionary Mobility-Cloud Connecting System (MCCS) – a tablet-deployed, Internet-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) solution that facilitates remote control and tracking of vehicles in real-time. Among its notable features are the remote control immobilizer, anti-theft indicator, fare and charging authentication systems, and customer relationship management.

Discovering a New World with IoT

As an organization rooted in innovation, GMS continues to enhance its Mobility Service Platform (MSPF), with functionalities centered on the flexible and dynamic IoT mobility service.
Operating via remote control and sensor technologies, the growing capabilities of the IoT service further add value to the existing platform. The technology strength and capabilities of GMS allow users to activate and control vehicles of all types. It also enables them to monitor the vehicle's speed, location, fuel consumption, battery information, income situation, billing information, duration of the operation, total distance, and so much more, in real-time. The platform can analyze, generate, and send daily reports on driver habits.
To improve service quality, GMS teamed up with PLDT to bolster its connectivity, communication, and payment gateway capabilities.

IoT Enablement for the Enterprise

The Internet of Things or IoT refers to a network of interconnected objects via the Internet. This concept essentially brings better and more efficient user experiences through technology and data.
The limitless opportunities presented by IoT has accelerated digital transformation in more ways than one. In personal banking, for example, new voice-activated technology is set to redefine how consumers interact with payments and financial service providers. On the other hand, GMS has introduced a pay-per-use and lease-to-own vehicle payment models for its customers. With the platform's remote control function, GMS can consistently track the payments of operators in real-time. Once they fail to pay the required amount on time, the vehicle will be automatically deactivated. In addition, the company's IoT app service enables supply chain, trucking, and cargo industries to acquire real-time fleet information for effective product and shipment tracking.
The game-changing impact of IoT will continue to shake the economy for years to come. A Gartner study foresees that the rate of Internet-connected things will reach 25 billion come 2020, with an estimated USD2 trillion of worldwide economic benefit.

A Fortified Partnership for Improved Services

"PLDT and GMS have collaborated in enhancing the technologies of our IoT platform service," explained GMS President and CEO Tokushi Nakashima, adding that this partnership focuses on two main areas of the platform: vehicle operation management with financing institute and anti-theft services.
The combined strengths and expertise of PLDT and GMS have produced an even more advanced IoT platform, generating customized user experiences for riders and drivers. Drivers and operators can now explore and navigate certain dashboard features such as the initial rate, traffic surge price, and location parameters. Customers can review the estimated fare and time of arrival and route, before booking the service.
In addition, PLDT continues to enable GMS with other pioneering ICT and digital solutions. "PLDT is the biggest telecommunications provider. They are our trusted and reliable partner in terms of data coverage and other technology needs," remarked Mr. Nakashima. "This partnership shows our full support to PLDT ALPHA's efforts in providing end-to-end M2M and IoT solutions to further empower Philippine businesses." With high-performance Internet connectivity through Smart's Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM cards, drivers can effectively use the MCCS for vehicle monitoring. Smart Padala allows users to conduct transactions via SMS, providing another payment option for those who are unbanked. GMS can now also provide free connectivity to MCCS users who have limited access to the Internet with Freenet.
FVP and Head of PLDT ALPHA Jovy Hernandez commended the company for its holistic approach to transformation. "The disruptive business economy has arrived; and only a few are bold enough to ride this shift or challenge convention. We are glad to have GMS as one of our partners driving a positive disruptive force in the automotive industry. We guarantee that through our growing ICT and digital solution offerings, we will continue to provide GMS with a reinforced technological backbone for the improvement of their services and customer experiences."
All these herald a brighter future for GMS, as Mr. Nakashima pointed out, "In the next five years, we are aiming at introducing 50,000 MCCS units in the country. And in achieving this goal, we still want PLDT to be our trusted technology partner."
Together, PLDT and GMS will further develop the MCCS and its IoT platform as well as promote its use nationwide. With this, GMS will continue its high-speed drive for better experiences for Filipino drivers and riders – all anchored on digital technology. It is centered on the organization's continued radical approach towards the overall improvement of the automotive and transportation systems in our country.

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About Global Mobility Service, Inc.

Establishment:November 2013
Capital:Yen 1,070,714,900
Head Office:Ginza, Chu--oh-ku, Tokyo
Philippine Office:Unit 1503 Antel 2000 Corporate Centre, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.
CEO & President:Tokushi Nakashima

・Provision of vehicle IoT platform service
・Secondary usage service through big data piled on the cloud