Japanese Vehicle IoT firm: GMS concludes Memorandum of Understandings with Makati City to introduce all the tricycle operators to offer new eco-friendly tricycle Service as mass transportation

Japanese company, specializing the vehicle IoT, Global Mobility Service (Head office: Chu-oh-ku, Tokyo; Philippines office: Valero street Makati City. - President/ CEO: Tokushi Nakashima, GMS as follows) and Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (TODA) and Makati City concluded Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) mutually for introduction of Eco-tricycles (4stroke tricycle and electric tricycle) towards the mass transportation by making use of mobility service with Mobility Cloud-Connecting System (MCCS) GMS has originally developed. The three parties cooperate with each other to introduce the service as mass transportation.

In this MOU, Makati city aims at enforcing the ordinance, "Clean Air Act" regulated by the local government unit, providing an opportunity to acquire new tricycle regardless of bank credit for the tricycle operators, and improving the traffic environment of the city by using MCCS. Makati City, GMS and TODA are intended to solve environment and noise problems in cooperation with each other.

Back ground of conclusion of MOU

The Makati city aims at the spread of environment-friendly vehicles in order to the achievement of standard of "the Clean Air Act" that is the air-environment improvement laws and ordinances that the government established. However, it is difficult for the vehicle user to acquire financing support because of the lack of bank credit, so user cannot replace gas exhaustion vehicle and that is a one of the biggest problem in the Philippines. The conclusion of the MOU is part of the recognition that service offered by GMS is indispensable because to solve the issue of credit, and to promote the replacement from conventional vehicle to a low environmental load vehicle, there was little down payment at the time of the vehicle use, and bank credit inspection was omitted in comparison with the conventional vehicle purchase model.

Roles and concrete action

Makati City fully cooperates with GMS exploring tricycle with MCCS, and they conduct the necessary documents screen and issue the necessary permission such as a driving authorization, a license to identify proper driver to receive the service easily and promptly. Makati City supports GMS service to decrease 2 stroke tricycle, and increase the eco-tricycle including 4 strokes and electric vehicle to realize low carbon society. The city also cooperates with GMS to have further finance-lease companies. TODA also supports GMS to encourage tricycle operator to use our service and to improve service operations by making an environment that the passenger can use the tricycle with safe and perform more service to them smoothly.

The company collect information and data such as location of the vehicle, use condition, driving behavior of the driver, and transportation probe to improve our service quality better. Then by providing these information upon formal request from the city, it helps loosen the chronic traffic jam in the suburbs in Makati City.

GMS and Makati City cooperate with each other to improve the air pollution and increase the quality of people in the city, and try to realize distribution of vehicle with the low carbon exhaustion.

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